We believe that bringing together different points of view is what sets us apart when it comes to producing innovative legal solutions. Our collaborative culture, built on integrity, social responsibility, and respect for diversity, makes us a strategic partner for our clients. We believe in combining deep technical know-how with a strategic and multidisciplinary vision. Always looking at the future, we remain pioneers, innovating in processes and technologies, harnessing talent, and inspiring future professionals.

Legal Career

Focused on delivering the best solutions to our clients, in an agile and efficient way, we have a team of partners and lawyers specialized in several areas of Business Law. We value the career of all our employees and offer an environment with opportunities for growth.

Administrative Career

Our administrative team is structured into four boards: Administrative and Finance (DAF); Human Development (DDHO), Communication, Marketing and Business Development (DDNC); and Information Technology (DTI). In our collaborative culture, we value people who have initiative, a desire to learn and develop themselves.


TozziniFreire is constantly recognized by relevant institutions in the market for its initiatives related to management, leadership, diversity, inclusion, and innovation.

The Way We Are

Fernando Serec, CEO of TozziniFreire

Our CEO has prepared a welcome video. Watch it and learn a little about who we are and our values.

Eliana Ponzio, Director of Human and Organizational Development at TozziniFreire

In the video, the director tells us about the "TozziniFreire Way of Being" and what it"s like to work in the firm. Watch the video!

Maria Elisa Gualandi Verri

It"s easy to remember how many years I"ve been working with the firm based on my daughter’s age, 24! I was pregnant when I was hired as a senior lawyer, which was certainly unusual and already reflected the firm"s inclusive way of being.

Maria Elisa Gualandi Verri

Luiz Carlos Silva Faria Junior

I believe that people at TozziniFreire will find an environment that embraces differences and encourages critical, creative, and innovative thinking in order to build a legal culture that is open to diversity and respectful of human rights.

Luiz Carlos Silva Faria Junior

Erica Angelim Rodrigues

I started my career in the firm as a bilingual receptionist and, through the continuing education program, I specialized in Communications and Marketing. Even before completing the course, I joined the Communications team, where I worked on internal communications and press relations. I currently work with communication across the entire digital environment.

Erica Angelim Rodrigues


TFInclusão has a clear purpose: making Law a tool for inclusion. We have a consistent calendar of activities that are undertaken throughout the year and are open to all people interested in getting involved. We promote a series of internal actions to strengthen the inclusive culture and raise awareness about our five priority topics (Gender, LGBTI+, Race, People with Disabilities, and Refugees).

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How does TozziniFreire approach innovation?


Our innovation program, called ThinkFuture, prepares our lawyers for a legal profession that is constantly evolving. The initiative consolidates our strategic position as an innovative law firm, aligned with the global transformation landscape, and raises our status as a legal reference in technology and entrepreneurship matters.

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