ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

TozziniFreire's ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Group has a multidisciplinary approach composed of professionals with experience and expertise in the areas of Environmental Law, Human Rights, Corporate Governance, Climate Change, Carbon Market, Sustainable and Impact Investing, Green and Social Finance, Renewable Energy, Data Privacy and Compliance.


Our team has proven experience in the most diverse ESG legal issues, including:

  • ESG diagnosis, investigation and compliance;
  • Sustainable and impact investing and green and social finance;
  • Structuring products in the carbon market and providing legal assistance in climate change;
  • Review of corporate governance;
  • Implementation of ESG structure;
  • Elaboration of ESG policies, codes, practices and disclosures;
  • Legal audit focused on ESG aspects;
  • ESG crisis management and government relations on ESG issues;
  • ESG disputes and climate litigation; and
  • Supply chain diligence.

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