Clara Pacce Pinto Serva

Areas of expertise: Business and Human Rights, ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance
Languages: Spanish
Location: São Paulo
Telephone: +55 (11) 5086-5183

Clara is partner and head of the Business and Human Rights practice area. Within over 10 years of experience at TozziniFreire, she works on prevention, strategic planning, and litigation involving Human Rights impacts on the production chain of business activity. Her activities include the elaboration of internal policies, training, contractual mechanisms appropriate to the prevention and remedy of Human Rights violations. Clara has experience negotiating with supervisory bodies (such as the Public Defender’s Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office), conflict resolution in legal disputes, mediation and arbitration, consultations with the affected community, among others. She conducts due diligence and develops Human Rights Compliance programs. She is TozziniFreire’s pro bono coordinator, with experience in philanthropic activities, strategic litigation, advocacy, and social impact businesses. She coordinated award-winning projects, such as the corporate management practice of trans people inclusion (Lumen, 2022), hiring trans people and rectifying documents (Latin Lawyer, 2023), Mutirão Jurídico (joint effort to provide pro bono legal guidance) in Heliópolis (Latin Lawyer, 2020), and the Guidebook to the Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities (2019). Clara is also a private mediator and has worked in Public Law and Environment Law at the São Paulo Court of Justice.

// Academic education

Master´s degree in Constitutional Law, analyzing the effectiveness of self-composing methods to promote structural impacts on Human Rights, from PUC-SP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo). Private Mediator certified by Mediativa (Institute of Transformative Mediation), 2019. Took the WYSE International Leadership Programme for Global Changemakers, 2019. Completed the course How to do Advocacy: effective social participation for NGOs, movements and collectives, by AdvocacyHub, 2018. Graduate of the Law School of PUC-SP, 2013.

// Recognition

Clara is recognized by Análise Advocacia Mulher 2021 as one of the most admired female lawyers in Brazil. In 2020 e 2021, she was shortlisted as a Future Leader by Chambers Diversity & Inclusion. Clara won the CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development) Female Leadership Award in 2022. She is also recommended by Latin Lawyer 250, Chambers Global - ESG Transactional (Band 3) – 2022 and 2023; and Chambers Brazil - ESG (Band 3) – 2022 and 2023.

// Additional Activities

  • Co-leader of the Thematic Chamber of Social Impact of CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development).
  • Regional Advisor in GBI (Global Business Initiative) of Latin American.
  • Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of World Law Group.
  • Member of the ESG Committee of CFA Society Brazil.
  • Membership Officer of the Business and Human Rights Committee of IBA. 
  • Member of the Diversity and Social Responsibility Committee of CESA (Association of Brazilian Law Firms).
  • Member of the Committee on Third Sector Law of OAB-SP (Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo section) and Coordinator of the ESG, CSOs and Human Rights Nucleus of this commission.
  • Effective member of the ESG Commission of IBRADEMP (Brazilian Institute of Business Law).

// Publications

Brazil chapter (co-author). In Environmental, Social & Governance Law 2022. London: ICLG (International Comparative Legal Guides), 2021. Guia dos Direitos da Pessoa com Deficiência Intelectual (coordination and review). São Paulo, 2019. Article Impactos da Regulamentação dos Endowments no Brasil. On Fausto Macedo Blog, published by Estadão, July 1, 2019. Chapter Diversidade Racial. In Cartilha de Diversidade: Como Promover um Ambiente Diverso e Inclusivo nas Sociedades de Advogados. São Paulo, CESA, Dec. 2018.

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