SECEX introduces anti-dumping investigation on imports of austenitic stainless-steel tubes from India and Chinese Taipei

May 09, 2024

The SECEX Circular No. 17/2024 has initiated the anti-dumping investigation on the exports from India and Chinese Taipei to Brazil of austenitic stainless steel tubes, commonly classified under the NCM codes 7306.40.00 and 7306.90.20.


Austenitic steels are normally used in the food industry, cryogenic applications, ornamental steels, high-temperature applications, nautical components, construction, equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, sugar and alcohol, food, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper industries, tableware and household utensils. Ferrites are generally used in automotive exhaust systems, cutlery, household appliances, refrigerators, and visual signage (signs and façades).


Aperam Inox Tubos Brasil Ltda. submitted the petition.


The analysis of evidence of dumping considered the period from October 2022 to September 2023, and the analysis of injury considered the period from October 2018 to September 2023.


To initiate the investigation, the following absolute and relative dumping margins were determined for India and Chinese Taipei:


Dumping Margin – India

Normal Value US$/t

Average Export Price US$/t

Absolute Dumping Margin US$/t

Relative Dumping Margin (%)







Margem de dumping – Chinese Taipei

Valor Normal


Preço médio de Exportação US$/t

Margem de Dumping Absoluta US$/t

Margem de Dumping Relativa (%)







Interested parties will be able to cooperate with the investigation by providing data to fill in the Exporter, Importer, or other National Producer Questionnaires, to defend their interests, and to possibly benefit from any individual antidumping margin, which is normally lower than the margin calculated based on the information available.



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