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CyberNews | Edition 29 - 2023

July 27, 2023

TozziniFreire's Cybersecurity & Data Privacy team developed the 29th CyberNews. The newsletter brings matters related to the Brazilian context, decisions of judiciary branch, notifications from authorities, normative developments and international rulings.


ANPD publishes Guidelines on the processing of personal data for academic purposes


On June 26th, ANPD published the Guidelines on the "Processing of personal data for academic purposes and for the conduction of studies and research" (please see here), which sets forth greater legal and regulatory clarity for the processing of personal data for such purposes.


TRF2 states that expenses with LGPD implementation could be used to offset PIS and COFINS credits


The Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region issued a decision stating that a company in the technology and application payment means sector is entitled to offset PIS (Social Integration Program) and COFINS (Social Security Financing Contribution) credits on expenses with the implementation of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD).


Court of Justice of São Paulo suspends decision that prevented monitoring program with facial recognition


In May, a class action was filed against the City Hall of São Paulo and the Municipal Secretariat for Urban Security, with the purpose of questioning the validity of the “Smart Sampa program,” which aims to implement an urban monitoring system through the use of facial recognition technology.


STJ postpones judgment on the possibility of the Prosecutor's Office compelling banks to provide registration data


In November 2021, the Special Superior Court of Justice (STJ) started the trial on the possibility of the Prosecutor's Office and the Brazilian police authorities forcing banks and financial institutions to provide, without court authorization, registration data of customers for civil and criminal investigations. Since then, there have only been two votes, and the trial was suspended due to requests for record analysis.


Procon SC notifies streaming services company to provide clarification regarding fees charged for password sharing


Procon (Consumer Protection Office), state of Santa Catarina, has notified a streaming services company to provide clarifications about its new password sharing charging policy.


European Commission adopts new decision on the international transfer of personal data


On July 10th, 2023, the European Commission adopted an important decision on the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, which replaces the former Privacy Shield of 2016. The new decision enables international transfers of personal data from the European Union to companies in the United States, with no need to set up additional data protection safeguard measures, provided that they have adequate and comparable levels of data protection.



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