Procedure for redetermination of anti-dumping duty applied to Thai companies, exporters of citric acid and certain citric acid salts and esters

May 06, 2024

SECEX Circular No. 16/2024 was published, initiating the administrative procedure for the redetermination of the anti-dumping duty applied to Thai companies COFCO Biochemical (Thailand) CO., LTD. and Sunshine Biotech International CO, LTD. Such procedure imposed the anti-dumping measure on Brazilian imports of citric acid and certain citric acid salts and esters (named “ACSM”), classified under NCMs 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00.


Citric acid, sodium citrate, and potassium citrate are chemicals used to produce a wide variety of products. The largest end-use segment in the Brazilian market is food and beverages (particularly soft drinks), followed by industrial applications (particularly detergents and household cleaning products) and pharmaceutical applications (including beauty and oral care/cosmetic products).


The petition was filed by the Brazilian Association of the Citric Acid and Derivatives Industry (ABIACID).


The redetermination analysis considered the period from September 2022 to August 2023.


It was noted that the price of Thai ACSM imports fell after the anti-dumping measure was applied. Therefore, Thai ACSM entered the Brazilian market, during the analysis period, at lower prices than the "non-injury price" calculated for the domestic industry, even considering the protection provided by the anti-dumping measure. For this reason, there are indications that the anti-dumping measure applied would have been compromised because the export price had fallen.


The redetermination procedure will last three months from the date it begins, and, over this period, exporters, foreign producers, importers, and domestic producers will have plenty of opportunity to clarify aspects relating to the export or resale prices of the product subject to the duty on the Brazilian domestic market. To this end, interested parties will be given 45 days to express their views in writing or provide evidence.

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