Italian Desk

We ally the force of a full service, Brazilian based, independent law firm, to the cultural knowledge of our professionals.


Italy is very present throughout Brazil’s history in industry, services and tourism. Our team help investors, bridging the gap between different cultures, local requirements and specificities of the law.


Working as a hub for Latin America, TozziniFreire assists clients not only on starting their ventures in the region, but also advice Brazilian clients to enter in the Italian market, using local partners.


The team is known for providing business oriented legal advice to clients, with a risk-based approach, helping them to start their new business and to solve any complex issues that could appear during the course of business.


Our partner responsible for this Desk, Giovanni Falcetta, has lived in the country on several occasions and knows profoundly its culture. His focused in foster opportunities of collaboration with clients and local firms, especially related to foreign investment and transactional work, both part of TozziniFreire’s DNA.

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