Guilherme Ribas

Areas of expertise: Crisis Management, Antitrust, Government Sales, Pharmaceutical Industry
Languages: English
Location: São Paulo
Telephone: +55 (11) 5086-5198

Guilherme has over 23 years of experience in competition law, having worked at both public agencies and private companies, assisting clients in different industries, such as pharmaceutical, telecommunications, internet, technology, payment service providers, food and beverages, textile, and plastics. His practice is focused on advising clients on cartel investigations and unilateral conducts, as well as on mergers and compliance programs. He served as general coordinator in the now extinct SDE (Secretariat of Economic Law) of the Ministry of Justice, where he conducted the first antitrust dawn raids and drafted the antitrust compliance guidelines (SDE Ordinance No. 14/2004).

// Academic education

Doctoral degree in Administrative Law from USP (Universidade de São Paulo), 2015. Master"s degree in Commercial Law from USP, 2011. University extension studies of Competition Law at FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas), 2004. Graduate of the Law School of USP, 1999.

// Recognition

Guilherme is recommended by the most relevant international legal guides: Chambers Latin America, The Legal 500, GCR 100, Expert Guides, Latin Lawyer 250, Who’s Who Legal, and Análise Advocacia 500. He is also LACCA Approved.

// Additional Activities

Director of Competition at IBRAC (Brazilian Institute of Studies of Competition, Consumer Affairs and International Trade), where he was director of Compliance & Investigations, Publications, Regulation, and president of the Advisory Board. Member of the Competition Law Committee of OAB-SP (Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo section) since 2008. Founder of GEDECON (Study Group of Economic Law). Member of CEDAU (Center of Studies on Administrative, Environmental and Urban Law).

// Publications

"Unilateral Conducts in the Pharmaceutical Market: CADE’s Experience" chapter (co-author). In Concorrência: Um Olhar Contemporâneo sobre Condutas Unilaterais. São Paulo: IBRAC/Ed. Singular, 2021. (Portuguese) "Cade and the Big Techs" article. Valor Econômico, 04/01/2021. (Portuguese) "The Brazil Antitrust Agency"s New Study on Digital Markets" article (co-author). IBA (International Bar Association), October 2020. Leniency Agreements and Policy (co-author). São Paulo: IBRAC/Editora Singular, 2020. (Portuguese) "Abuse of Dominance in the Digital Sector: Recent Developments in Brazil". Competition Law International, IBA, vol. 15, n. 2, December 2019. "Cartel Investigation in the Air Cargo Market (2013)" chapter. In Jurisprudência do CADE Comentada. São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais, 2019. (Portuguese) "CADE"s Enforcement in the Telecommunications and Internet Markets" chapter (co-author). In A Concorrência em Análise. São Paulo: Scortecci, 2018.(Portuguese) "CADE Conduct Enforcement in the Telecommunications and Internet Sector: the First Years of the Brazilian Antitrust Law and the Challenges Ahead" article (co-author). In Revista Fórum de Direito na Economia Digital - RFDED, year 02, no. 02, January/July 2018. (Portuguese) "Does CADE Have Tools to Investigate Transactions Not Filed for its Approval?" article (co-author). In Merger Control in Brazil - Frequently Asked Questions (coordinator). São Paulo: IBRAC, 2018. "CADE and the Telecommunications & Internet Markets" article (co-author). In 5 Anos de Lei de Defesa da Concorrência: Gênese, Jurisprudência e Desafios para o Futuro (coordinator). São Paulo: IBRAC, 2017. (Portuguese) "The Compliance Guidelines and the Rise of the Antitrust Soft Law in Brazil" article (co-author). In Brazilian Competition Law - 5 Years (coordinator). São Paulo: IBRAC, 2017. Cartel Investigation Administrative Process. São Paulo: Editora Singular, 2016. (Portuguese) Overview of Competition Law in Latin America (coordinator). São Paulo: IBRAC, 2016. Competition Advocacy (co-author). São Paulo: Editora Singular, 2016. (Portuguese) "CADE Enforcement Powers" chapter. In Poder de Polícia na Atualidade. Belo Horizonte: CEDAU/Editora Fórum, 2014. (Portuguese) "Parliament Control over Public Administration and its Efficacy" chapter. In Direito Público em Evolução: Estudos em Homenagem à Professora Odete Medauar. Belo Horizonte: Editora Fórum, 2013. (Portuguese) "Key Developments in the Brazilian Anti-Cartel Policy" article (co-author). In Competition & Antitrust Review. England, 2013. "Comments to Articles 9 to 13" chapter. In Comentários à Nova Lei de Defesa da Concorrência - Lei 12.529, de 30 de Novembro de 2011. São Paulo: Elsevier/Método, 2012. (Portuguese) Antitrust and Intellectual Property under the perspective of Tying Arrangements. São Paulo: Editora Singular, 2011. (Portuguese) "Competition Law Administrative Contracts" chapter. In Desafios Atuais da Regulação Econômica e Concorrência. São Paulo: Editora Atlas, 2010. (Portuguese) "The Principle of Presumption of Innocence in Administrative Proceedings" chapter. In Atuais Rumos do Processo Administrativo. São Paulo: Editora Revista dos Tribunais, 2010. (Portuguese) "Cooperation for Fighting Internacional Cartels: Developments and Challenges" chapter (co-author). In Estudos de Direito Internacional - Anais do 7º Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Internacional. Curitiba: Juruá Editora, 2009. (Portuguese) "Antitrust Compliance Programs" chapter. In Desafios Atuais do Direito da Concorrência. São Paulo: Editora Singular, 2008. (Portuguese) Several articles and chapters in important publications, such as Gazeta Mercantil and Valor Econômico.

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